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May 31, 2005

Phage Therapy Sitrep

Epoch Times has an informative commentary on bacteriophage therapy to combat superbugs, with useful links to research and companies developing phage treatments. And here's an interesting remark about the regulatory hurdles facing phage products:
Doctors, relatives and non-mobile patients from countries where phage therapy is unavailable face a dilemma because commercially available phage therapy products may only be legally available for import on a case-by-case basis upon request to the appropriate regulatory agency under special access programs provided for under pharmaceutical product regulatory legislation. But can the bureaucratic processes be accomplished in time when a superbug infection rages? Phage therapy is currently available as a treatment option for those individuals with knowledge, money and time to travel; and the recent opening of the Phage Therapy Center, Mexico should make treatment more available to citizens of the Americas.
[Hat tip: MRSA Watch]

(Previous Zap*Germs posts on phage viruses include one each on a staph-killer, a campylobacter-fighter for poultry, and a video of a phage attack on an E. coli bacterium.)


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