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May 29, 2005

China Struggles with Avian Flu & Foot-and-Mouth Disease

The outbreak of avian flu in western China has killed 1,000 migratory birds, a number "far higher than previously acknowledged," says an AFP report.
On Wednesday David Ho, an internationally-renowned US researcher, warned that China remains woefully ill-equipped for tackling avian flu if it begins spreading from human-to-human.

"There is little doubt that China will be in deep trouble if the flu pandemic were to strike in the next few years," Ho said in a commentary published by the British science journal Nature.

I couldn't find this specific comment, but follow this link to the 26 May 2005 Nature issue, which focuses on the bird flu challenge.

"China was also struggling with an outbreak of the foot-and-mouth disease that has hit five provinces and regions and resulted in the culling of more than 4,000 head of cattle, Jia said."

China's admission of this latter outbreak confirms the blogged report from Image Thief mentioned Tuesday in Zap*Germs.


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