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June 27, 2005

Fumento Rails Against Superbug Hysteria

In a June 23 news column, anti-junk-science author Michael Fumento attacks the trend toward hysteria in the media's discussion of antibiotic-resistant superbugs. He notes the recent introduction of Wyeth's Tygacil and names several other antibiotics that are about to emerge from the development pipeline.

Fumento has a shrewd observation on Tygacil's chance to become a powerful weapon in the war against MRSA:
The major drawback of Tygacil is that it must be administered intravenously, yet that's also a plus. Perhaps the main reason bugs develop resistance to antibiotics is that doctors overprescribe the drugs. They hand out pills like Pez candy because patients demand it. But patients don't demand IVs; therefore limiting usage of Tygacil and probably greatly forestalling the day when it too leads to resistant strains.
Zap*Germs's modest highlighting of media hysteria is found here.


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