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May 23, 2005

Welsh MRSA Expert Confronts Five Infection Myths

There are five myths about superbug MRSA and nosocomial (hospital-originated) infections, says Dr. Tony Howard, Director of the Infection and Communicable Disease Service (ICDS) in Wales:
  • 1. All nosocomial infections are preventable: "They are not."
  • 2. MRSA is the only infection problem: "It is not."
  • 3. MRSA is a killer bug: "It is not. On the spectrum of killer bugs, it is a fairly medium player."
  • 4. Healthcare-associated infections have escalated beyond control: "They haven't."
  • 5. The UK's MRSA is the world's worst: "It isn't, it's similar to most countries in Europe."

  • Dr. Howard made the comments in a conference reported by icNorthWales. He said that despite having the UK's lowest MRSA infection rate, better hospital-staff education could reduce Wales's level further. Also, hospital-bound patients need to talk with their doctors about the infection risk posed by their particular procedure, as not all surgeries and procedures carry the same risk.

    [Hat tip: MRSA Watch]


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