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May 18, 2005

Tangled Bank 28: Another Medical Carnival

One link always leads to another, right? After posting on the latest Grand Rounds at Galen's Log, I stumbled onto another med/science-focused blog carnival sponsored by The Tangled Bank. This week's listings are posted at Chronicles of a Medical Mad House, and consist of links to legitimate blog posts, surrounded by contrived descriptions of questionable medical products and treatments. (Confused? Just follow the link above and thank me later.)

One of these links is right up the Zap*Germs alley: an abstract of a scientific paper, which describes experiments intended to postulate the process of how bacteria develop antibiotic resistance. Sadly, that description is so opaque I wonder if the authors weren't channeling Derrida. Or maybe it's my problem, per Becker and Fagen: "The things that pass for knowledge I can't understand."

[Link to Outside the Beltway's Traffic Jam.]


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