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May 12, 2005

Genomics Yields Experimental Drug Targeting Heart Inflammation

An experimental pill named DG-031, developed by DeCode in Iceland, has been found to reduce levels of c-reactive protein (CRP), myeloperoxidase (MPO) and other blood markers of heart inflammation (which are related to increased heart-attack risk), reports Forbes.
DeCode's research has broad implications because this is one of the first drugs to emerge from the newfangled science of genomics, the large-scale study of disease-causing genes. The findings illustrate the potential for a new era of genomic medicine, in which drug regimens are tailored to fit a person's genetic risk factors.
All of the heart patients in the study had one of two bad gene variants discovered last year by DeCode that are believed to increase levels of inflammation in the arteries. The disease gene findings hint that inflammatory molecules called leukotrienes, previously thought to be involved mainly in asthma, may also be involved in heart attacks. DG-031 works by lowering levels of these bad leukotrienes.

DeCode says that nearly 50% of heart attack patients in Iceland have one of the two inflammation-causing genes. The company says it has confirmed that the same nasty genes are also present in Americans.

More info is at the DeCode website.


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