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May 06, 2005

More MRSA Infections When ICU Nursing Staffs Overburdened

Researchers announced at the Intensive Care Society’s annual Spring meeting that patients are more likely to develop MRSA superbut infections in intensive-care units (ICUs) experiencing a shortage of nurses.
Dr Stephanie Dancer, a consultant microbiologist from Scotland, who conducted the study, said the results came as a surprise.

“I have studied the acquisition of MRSA for several years now, and have previously focused on levels of hygiene.

“These results show that MRSA acquisition is caused by the culmination of a number of different factors.

“In this study, understaffing was a significant factor, exacerbated by poor ward hygiene and further studies are required to explore this in more detail.

“It is assumed that when nurses are particularly busy due to understaffing, they do not have time to wash their hands.”
[Hat tip: Dave Roberts]


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