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May 20, 2004

Saved, er, Assisted by DanActive Probiotics!

I got sick last week. I'm not sick very often, and this was a rather slow-moving intestinal bug that hit me with fever, body aches and plumbing problems. I starved it out, drinking lots of water and waiting for everything to settle down. Then I bought a four-pack of DanActive at the grocery store (Dannon originally called it Actimel in Europe, and had imported it here for a while to select stores like the Whole Foods Market). I drank a couple of these rather expensive probiotic cocktails for two days straight. I also ate a lot of regular yogurt once my stomach could tolerate it.

A week later, things are pretty much back to normal, and I suppose I have a new crop of intestinal flora! I'm continuing to kick back a DanActive every day, just to be sure. With our food supply coming from so many places now, and so much of it undergoing pre-prep (I'm thinking, for instance, of precut, bagged carrots and salad -- and I can't forget that Campylobacter bacteria are present in up to 88% of store-bought chicken!), it's a wonder more of us aren't picking up strange bugs on a regular basis. Or maybe we are.


At 1/16/2006 1:36 AM, Anonymous Lorrie said...

I was sick this last week too. My daughter, granddaughter,son and his girlfriend had it. Then my husband. A solid week went by then I got it! I thought It had pass by me but not so! I am convinced there is stuff in every pre- packaged food item we buy. My husband worked at a plant that processed and packaged paper towel. He said when it is processed, it becomes wet in order for the glue to stick and for the perforated edge to ...well, become perferated. There is bactieria growing in the glue. When you put paper towle in the microwave... the bacteria comes alive! Its so scarey! we are eating stuff. It chills me just to think of it.


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