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May 18, 2004

Mayo Clinic Offers Tips to Beat Bad Breath Caused by Bacteria

The Mayo Clinic, in an extract from their Women's HealthSource publication, offers the following tips for treating bacterial halitosis:
- Brush teeth and tongue to flush out bacteria;
- Floss daily;
- Drink water to keep the mouth moist;
- Drink tea, which has antibacterial substances;
- Clean dentures at least daily.

The article notes that "Halitosis can be caused by other conditions including postnasal drip, infections, hepatitis, gastric ulcer or uncontrolled diabetes."

I've been reading some other things on the growing link between bacterial gum disease and arterial inflammation, and am realizing how important it is to address oral bacteria. Ran across the TheraBreath site by Dr. Harold Katz, and discovered he's selling an antibacterial toothpaste that doesn't have any saccharin or foaming ingredients. The site also offers a free e-book to download on getting rid of bad breath. I just downloaded a copy and will try to summarize its content.


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