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November 18, 2005

Michigan Creeks Home to Vancomycin-resistant Bacteria

Unidentified bacteria that are resistant to the last-resort staph antibiotic have been discovered in water samples taken in Oakland County, Michigan. The samples were found "in the wild," at Kearsley Creek and Evan's Ditch, and the bacteria discovered are reportedly immune to a variety of antibiotics besides Vancomycin.

in addition, the bacteria "also carry a gene that makes it possible to transfer the resistance to future mutations," says The Detroit News.

Oakland County has requested help from the US Geological Survey to take additional samples. One hopes the study will not end there, but will include a serious investigation into the sources of the water feeding these streams. The News article also leaves unanswered the question of why information regarding water samples taken in 2003 -- to determine fecal-bacteria contamination -- has not been made public prior to late 2005.


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