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October 15, 2005

Microwave Them Pesky Kitchen Germs

While running a vanity Google search on "zap germs" [try it yourself!), I ran across a useful article describing how to use the microwave oven to sanitize a variety of standard kitchen stuff:
We already love our microwave ovens for getting dinner on the table in a jif, but did you know that these modern conveniences can be used to zap germs too? Yep, you can use your microwave to nuke pesky microbes that lurk in even the cleanest kitchens. Set your appliance to HIGH to disinfect the following:

* Wood cutting boards (medium-sized): 10 minutes (800-watt oven)

* Cellulose sponges: 30 seconds

* Wet sponges: 1 minute

* Dry cotton dishrags: 30 seconds

* Wet cotton dishrags: 3 minutes


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