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October 14, 2005

ABC News's 20/20 Discusses Infection Myths

ABC News 20/20: Myths about infection and germs
On 14 October 2005, the ABC News program 20/20 ran a segment that examined ten common myths about infection.

A quibble: while their website refers to "The Dirty Dozen," instead of 12 myths about germs and infection, they provide articles on ten. Whether it's 12 or 10, however, doesn't much matter. I've blogged on several of these myths here on Zap*Germs in the past, as they're all of interest to us as they relate to our daily lives. It's good to see the issues getting fresh coverage.

Below are the myths with a link to each story (links open in new windows); reading and understanding the truth behind these myths will help us maintain good day-to-day hygiene, while preventing unreasonable fear of infection. (The first myth's web page has a link to video footage from the TV program, with John Stossel discussing antibacterial soap and handwashing)

  • Myth: Hospitals Keep You Safe from Germs

  • Myth: Airplane Air Makes You Sick

  • Myth: Flu Shots Keep the Flu Away

  • Myth: The Kitchen Is the Cleanest Room in the House

  • Myth: Your Desk at Work Is Relatively Germ-Free

  • Myth: It's Safe to Share Your Makeup

  • Myth: Toilet Seats Are the Dirtiest Thing in the Bathroom

  • Myth: Dogs Have Cleaner Mouths Than Humans

  • Myth: Mouthwashes Eliminate Bad Breath

  • Myth: Antibacterial Soap Is Better


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