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June 14, 2005

Crowd-pleasing Posts Linked

In checking the blog stats, I've found that several posts have become favorites to web searchers and visitors from other sites. In response, I've added a "Crowd Pleasers" section to the right column (below "Recent Posts"), linking to these popular articles. The lineup will change periodically, as the pageview trends suggest.

I've also added "iHealth," a news column, lower on the right side. It's a news feed with rotating medical news articles that you may find of interest.

While digressing on the right column, a few words about the "Medical Blogs" list. As Zap*Germs has a fairly tight topic focus, I'm deliberately keeping a tight rein on the blogroll as well. You can find links to Instapundit or kottke, et al, a zillion other places, so my blogroll is limited to medical blogs that have some overlap with Zap*Germs' content. I've made some recent additions (such as Healthy Concerns, which I mentioned yesterday) as I've visited and browsed through their posts.

Please note the recommended books section, which will also rotate periodically. You don't have to buy them to learn more -- just click on the image to see the description and reviews at As Zap*Germs' audience consists of health-conscious reg'lar folx, medical pros and blogging aficionados, I'll try to highlight books that will appeal to all three groups.

Finally, I want to welcome new visitors, many of whom recently arrived via links from other blogs. To new and faithful alike, thanks for stopping by and browsing around. Feel free to type keywords in the search box above, which defaults to searching the Zap*Germs archive. Let me know if you think I'm ignoring an important topic, or if you feel strongly about something you read here -- I welcome emails, and comments to individual posts.


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