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July 08, 2006

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Attack Baltimore Man

By the time [Richard] Herskovitz got to the emergency room at Carroll Hospital Center [one day after dropping a computer on his foot], the swelling had moved up to his knee and his leg had turned dark. The former body builder still didn't know what was wrong until an orthopedic surgeon diagnosed it.

Herskovitz said he still doesn't know the doctor's name, but he saved his life.

'Saw my leg, knew what I had, and took me right down to the ER, and started with the first of many surgeries,' Herskovitz said. Hamilton reported Herskovitz was sent to Shock Trauma in Baltimore -- the referral hospital for all flesh-eating bacteria cases on the East Coast.

Dr. Sharon Henry is Herskovitz's surgeon. She said Shock Trauma treats about 150 flesh-eating bacteria cases a year and surgery is the only way to stay ahead of it.

"It's crucial to get to surgery as rapidly as possible,' Henry said."
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At 7/10/2006 10:09 PM, Blogger Clark Bartram said...

Aren't you a little tired of the media retelling stories such as this as if they are about some new disease on the rampage.


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