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March 25, 2006

Mega-Vitamin-C Doses Cure MRSA & Bird Flu?

Update 11 Apr 2006: Apparently someone has already pursued the angle I discuss below, and has published a book (at sale only at titled The Natural Bird Flu Cure "They" Don't Want You To Know About. Today its rank is 3,713!

Browsing through the online British Medical Journal, I ran across the most interesting letter from Sidney J. Bush, an optometrist (see below). In it he was drawing attention to the lack of attention focused on published research claiming that doses of vitamin C (aka "ascorbate") -- whether applied intravenously or in surface combination with other drugs -- cures MRSA infections.

Bush apparently wanted the world to see his comments, so he reproduced his letter to the BMJ editor as a press release:
MRSA Cured by Vitamin C

Physicians ignoring simple cure.

(PRWEB) December 27, 2004 -- I am unable to understand why, after publication of the evidence I submitted on 30th July quoting the two papers on the efficacy of ascorbate in killing MRSA in Japanese research by Nakanishi T. and available on Entrez PubMed, no interest at all has been shown.

Could it not be the case that non-toxic IV ascorbate would provide an instant solution to these infections and many others, and may one ask why it has not been done? There is not even a negative paper to be found in the literature on the subject of multigram doses of ascorbate IV - only many successes and positively beneficial sequelae. The prompt resolution of many bacterial and viral infections by ascorbate IV have been reported by Klenner F and others from 1949 onwards.

If the public has to wait much longer as the death rate mounts, might not MRSA patients start discharging themselves from hospitals in order to start injecting themselves? I would.
-Sydney J Bush PhD. DOpt. (IOSc. London)

Competing interests: None.

Sydney J Bush
PhD.,DOpt. (IOSc., London)
Optometrist & Contact Lens Practitioner
The Hull Contact Lens and Eye Clinic.
also....Anti-Coronary Clinics (UK) Ltd.
Yorkshire CardioRetinometry facility.
20-22 Brook St. HULL East Yorkshire.
Tel 0044 (0) 1482 223131 (fax 227636)

MRSA = Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus now killing thousands world-wide.

Additional note by Dr Bush: CardioRetinometry is the new speciality of monitoring heart and other diseases electronically via the eye vessels and recording their reduction through nutrition e.g., ascorbate. This is the new name for vitamin C, known for 50 years to be probably less toxic than water, but denied or ignored by physicians. CardioRetinometry clearly and instantly reveals that over 95 % of people suffer from chronic sub-clincal scurvy which is difficult for general medical practitioners - but not optometrists - to diagnose electronically using advanced camera/microscopes. Hull 25th December 2004

# # #

Letter in eBritish Medical Journal
29th November 2004
Reducing MRSA on orthopaedic wards
From Dr.Sydney J Bush PhD. DOpt. (IOSc. London)
Feeling curious, I did a little Googling and found articles on FluWiki claiming that megadoses of vitamin C (aka Mega Ascorbate Therapy) will combat a pandemic strain of avian flu.

Here's the anti-MRSA, anti-flu Mega Ascorbate argument, in part:
Now, antibiotics can’t stop you from catching a staph infection, but unless its MRSA, they can see off the infection once you have caught it.

The same works for ascorbate and human viruses. Today our virus attackers do not have to waste genetic complexity to get around our ascorbate protection because we do not have any. This means the strain of pandemic flu which finally launches itself onto man, will almost certainly not be fine tuned to be able to cope with "normal animal" ascorbate levels.

Topping human ascorbate levels up to 100g to 200g per day has been shown repeatedly to be effective in virus control against those viruses in present human circulation (i.e. those bred to feed on low ascorbate humans).

I have caught a cold every year for the past 8 years, but never had one develop past its first day. I have caught flu roughly every second / third year but again, never had it develop past the first symptoms. Why? Because whenever these viruses attack me, I take MegaAscorbate therapy and it has worked every time - courtesy of the rest of the world of humans who consent to be the breeding ground for all these weak viruses that have never had to deal with a human protected by ascorbate.

Antibiotic resistance never built up in Staph aureus until just about every food source was protected by it. Likewise, ascorbate resistance in human flu will never build up unless its food source suddenly starts taking large doses of ascorbate en mass or fixes its faulty gene to start making the missing enzyme.

So, courtesy of the worlds poor and uninformed who will breed the next pandemic flu strain. I, and those like me armed with a 500g pot of ascorbate and the knowledge of how to use it, can face the coming pandemic in every confidence that we will shrug it off with little more effort than any other strain which has attacked us in the past.
I'm wondering if there is any serious work being done today on this hypothesis, or if it's disappeared down the same black hole as other research that doesn't yield a highly profitable, antibiotic medication.


At 10/30/2011 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I am fighting my second outbreak of MRSA. I am in the BAY AREA and know I caught it while visiting a friend at Kaiser in Santa Clara Calif where the Pandemic started.

My first out break while worse seemed to take to the Bactrim quicker. I took two courses of Bactrim and Dosed up with Vitamin C and turmeric
The MRSA was startingd to go away and now it is back. I am now starting staight Soduim Ascorbate with no more Bactrim and if this does not work son I don't know what to do. Thsi si a battle, a real battle to get this horrible staph off of my beautiful skin.

I do think I need to gt more Turmeric too.
If someone can help or wants to do a study let me know.



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