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March 17, 2006

Major MRSA Threat: Doctors' Dirty Hands!

A gem of a comment in the middle of a yada-yada MRSA article I noted yesterday:
[UK health groups] urge frequent hand-washing by healthcare staff as the most important single measure for controlling spread of the [MRSA] infection.

Doctors in one sample estimated that they washed their hands 73 per cent of the time but were in fact found to clean them on just nine per cent of occasions.

Experts call for more use of alcohol hand rubs at patients' bedsides, which could reduce infections by 20 per cent.
How long, I wonder, till a distraught family files a wrongful-death lawsuit against a specific doctor, based on observed behavior?

Will it take a lawsuit to get these arrogant clowns to WASH THEIR HANDS BETWEEN PATIENTS??????

And while they're at it: ditch the germ-laden neckties! The family's attorney will want to know just everything about what that doctor wears every day while on rounds.


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