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September 16, 2005

Hugh Hewitt on the Avian Flu Threat

I'm pleased to find an excuse to link to a post by Hugh Hewitt -- one of the most thoughtful (politically focused) bloggers, and a major blogging evangelist. Today Hewitt discusses the threat posed by bird flu, and the need to the US government to purchase as much avian flu vaccine as possible. Read the whole post, but here's a good nugget with links I've added to other timely reporting:
Look. This is a right now issue, with Indonesia reporting its fifth case just hours ago. The UN's chief health official is ramping up his warnings, and although the president emphasized the threat at his UN speech, the American public is not aware of the magnitude of the threat, and a plan to produce vaccine for 20 million people in a nation of 300 million when the disease may have as much as a 50% kill rate just isn't "preparedness."


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