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March 24, 2005

Study in 2000 Found Bacteria Prevalent in California Nail Salons

Here's an update to my post on Paula Abdul's nail infection acquired during a manicure.

The CDC has published a report by health researchers who tested California nail salons for bacteria, back in 2000. They swabbed 30 footbaths in 18 nail salons from five counties, and found mycobacteria in 29 (97%). (Mycobacteria produce boils and other skin infections.)Fifty percent of the nail salons tested had never cleaned behind their footspas' debris screen with any disinfectant. The researchers theorized that the mycobacteria were introduced from the municipal tap water, then grew in the skin and hair debris at the bottom of the units.

They also found that women who had shaved their legs prior to pedicures using the footbaths had a higher incidence of mycobacterial infection, but that some who had not shaved still developed infections.

Following several outbreaks of nail salon-caused infections in 2000, "The California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology adopted new regulations in May 2001 requiring nail salons to follow specific cleaning and disinfection procedures to ensure that their footspa equipment is properly cleaned and maintained."


At 5/16/2005 2:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has become a real issue to, since it never occurred it would happen to me. I'm a clean person and have never got any fungus not even when I once or may be twice forgot my sandals at home and had nothing to wear at the gym spa. It’s disgusting that now I have to go through this, specially when it deal with my hand I just discover that after getting my nails done last Thursday I got fungus on my hands; God this can not be happening I’m afraid of putting lotion, since it my spread. Now what to do now, not sure but I’m going back to complain because I’ really upset. We don’t pay to get fungus or any other disease but to get nice pretty nails.


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